Corebine is a fan engagement platform focused on capturing and engaging audiences through the distribution of content for mobile websites and native mobile applications.
Corebine is developed by the Product team at iX, specialists in the thinking, design, development and delivery of experiences that engage large audiences and make money for rights holders. Corebine combines power of iX award-winning UX team, expertise in standardising deployments, robust sports knowledge and fully baked fan engagement product suite to create the optimal digital experience for any rights-holder or property.

All engagements are delivered with an eye towards innovation, market leadership, and most importantly, generating revenue on behalf of our partners.
Corebine was architected as mobile-first from the ground-up. The platform supports both mobile browsers and native apps, ensuring the reach of younger consumers who live on their mobile devices.
By addressing common sports needs out of the box, Corebine avoids repetitive customization which adds time, risk and cost and enable the products to get to market faster.
All Corebine sites and apps feature designs by our award-winning design team. We have also applied those best-in-class UX principles when creating Corebine’s intuitive admin portal.
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